14 Black Cats Who Are All of Us



We Actually Have a Lot in Common

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Aside from the ability to rationalize and use tools–oh, and the whole opposable thumbs thing–human beings and black cats aren’t so dissimilar. We’re often misunderstood (no, black cats are not actually witches in disguise), we’re occasionally moody and sometimes we like to push things off of different surfaces (so, what?!).

In fact, these 14 black cats make it very difficult to argue that humans and kitties don’t have a lot in common. Read on for the proof.


Black Cats Scare Themselves

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Nothing quite compares to the soul-and-confidence crushing feeling you get when you accidentally open the forward-facing camera on your smartphone and stare into your 8,000 chins for a brief, albeit devastating, second.


Black Cats Hate Waking Up for Work

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Do you ever lie in bed, long after your alarm has gone off, wondering if paying your rent, buying groceries and maybe even having a little bit of expendable income is truly worth it listening to Kevin the Finance Guy talk about his golf trip to Aruba again? This is a daily workday struggle for many of us. Black cats included.


Black Cats Hate Neighborhood Kids

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You spent all day–the whole day!–Saturday raking and bagging leaves, mowing the grass and re-mulching the flowerbeds to prep the yard for cold weather. And now, the dang neighbor kids are playing in your pristine yard.


Black Cats Want to Take Fashion Risks

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This is the face you make when you attempt to rock a new, edgy-for-you accessory, but then look in the mirror and realize you’ll never truly be able to step outside of your fashion comfort zone. Sigh.

Black Cats Love Instagram Moments

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How many times have you forced your friends (or your Instagram husband) to take a totally natural, not-at-all-staged yet very contemplative photo of you in front of an interesting wall? We’ll wait while you check your grid.


Black Cats Can’t Hide Their Emotions

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Listening to someone at work mansplain your own job to you; rationalizing why you’re single to nosey relatives at every single family gathering; looking at your credit card statement after an excellent vacation. Sometimes, it’s hard to hide how you’re really feeling.


Black Cats Are Super Sensitive

Ana Francisconi/EyeEm/Getty Images

Do you ever listen to your favorite sappy song, look out a window longingly and pretend you’re the protagonist in a really sad scene in a rom-com? Just me (and this kitty)?

She likes to pretend she’s in a movie to Unchained Meow-lody by the Righteous Brothers.


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