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Belly Fat Burning Foods for Women

Women are very conscious about how they look, and get super paranoid, if they put on a few extra pounds. Every woman wants to have a model-like, flat tummy and a curvaceous figure. But, the matter of concern amongst most women, is belly fat.
Belly fat is that stubborn, accumulated fat, that is not really easy to get rid of. The chief cause of this being poor blood circulation, due to which it becomes difficult for the body to break down the excess fat around the waist.
If you practice yoga or if you have chalked out an extensive workout regime to combat a sagging belly, superb! Stick to it and follow it religiously. But, if this hard work is coupled with belly fat burning foods, the results are sure to be seen sooner than later.
Top 10 Belly Fat Fighting Foods for Women
#1 Oatmeal
ove Heart Porridge Oatmeal Breakfast
Oatmeal is extremely rich in soluble fibers. It may not be something you would look forward to eating, but it is definitely loaded with many nutritional quantities. Oatmeal is the ideal way to start your day.
It helps reduce cholesterol levels and flushes out bad digestive acids from your system. Moreover, since oatmeal is a fiber rich food, it improves metabolism and helps to whittle fats from the middle.
#2 Eggs
Eggs And Whisk
Eggs are highly protein rich foods. Proteins are known as the building blocks of our body. Binging on high protein foods, increases muscle mass. Increased muscle mass improves your metabolic activity.
Moreover, proteins leave you feeling fuller for a longer time, hence, you tend to be less hungry, and less hungry is equal to less calorie intake, and less calorie intake, in turn, leads to less weight gain. Bottom line, protein rich foods burn fat at a much faster rate than any other foods.
#3 Olive Oil
Certain fats are important and have to be included in your diet. Fat soluble vitamins are absorbed into the body, with the help of these fats. Many dieters swear by extra virgin olive oil, loaded with mono saturated fats, to shrink extra belly fat. Along with the great health benefits, it is also good for your skin.
#4 Cucumber
Closeup Of Cucumber Salad
One of the other belly fat burning foods for women is cucumbers. Cucumbers are loaded with important minerals.
These minerals simulate the kidneys to flush out the waste products. This further stimulates the removal of the accumulated belly fat, and therefore helps you with a lean flat tummy.
#5 Carrots
Cutting carrots
Carrots are the richest form of vitamin A. Carotene gets absorbed by the intestines and speeds up your metabolism. In a literal sense, it burns fat and eliminates it quickly. This helps you, get rid of fat deposits from the middle.
#6 Grapefruits
Close Up Of Sliced Grapefruit
Grapefruit would be a key entry in this list. It has the ability to oxidize fats and strengthen immune system. Its low glycemic index helps burn fat at a faster rate and improves metabolism. It not only helps reduce unwanted belly fat, but also reduces the risk of breast cancer.
#7 Celery
Fresh Celery
Celery has a high calcium concentration. This calcium is put to work as soon as it enters the system. It breaks down the fat build-up around the tummy area and helps clean your system. Celery is highly fibrous and improves your metabolism rate, to have a clean system.
#8 Hung Yogurt
Hung yogurt is simply yogurt without whey. Hung yogurt proves to be a healthier option, when compared to other dairy products. It is packed with calcium and other essential proteins. Calcium and proteins break down the fats readily and helps you eliminate the extra belly fat faster.
#9 Garlic and Ginger
Farmer planting garlic
Garlic and ginger act as excellent fat burning foods for women. Garlic has certain essential oils, which work as cleansing agents for the body. They break down lumps of fat and wash them out.
Ginger, on the other hand, improves blood circulation, that is, dilates blood vessels and helps you get rid of the stubborn extra tummy fat.
#10 Salmon
Salmons have essential omega-3 fatty acids, that does not help burn belly fat directly, but simulates insulin sensitivity. An insulin sensitive person aids smooth digestion of food, and breaks down the carbohydrates, proteins and fats easier.
Inclusion of these foods in one’s daily diet, will have a pleasant, healthy impact and result in a toned and lean tummy! Go curvaceous women!

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