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1200 Calorie Diet Plan

We are extremely concerned about calories when on a weight loss program. The intake of calories reduces weight to a large extent. Intake of 1200 calories is – most of the time – sufficient, and nutritionally adequate for an individual. The 1200 calorie diet plan gives all the nutrients required for the body for survival and proper functioning. There are many free diet plans available on the Internet. If you want, you can opt for one of them, and follow.
At first, 1200 might seem a big number. Well, however anecdotal it may seem, we, indeed, consume a lot more than 1200 calories. If you follow this plan, then you may lose up to 10 pounds in a month. Besides losing 10 pounds, you are sure to achieve unfettered vitality. This 1200-calorie diet program helps reduce weight with tenacity. It is a form of diet deemed safe, if the guidelines are adhered to the T. It is, thus, a healthy eating program to insinuate compatibility between yourself, and the weighing machine. For better results, you can consult a medical practitioner. A sincere suggestion – it would be good if you took it up – is to maintain a diary where you record your entries of foods you consume, and the approximate calorie intake on a daily basis. Therefore, this practice would aid you in making the right choices in terms of the foods you consume, helping you keep tab on your daily calorie count. Also, make sure that you consult a medical practitioner before you decide to embark on this diet plan.
A Sample of 1200 Calorie Diet Menu
Menu #1 Menu #2 Menu #3
For Breakfast ➭ Cereal with skimmed milk – 200 calories.
➭ Fruit juice without sugar – 60 calories.
➭ 1 boiled egg – 90 calories.
➭ 2 slices of wholemeal toast with thin smear butter – 200 calories.
➭ A large size of watermelon – 47 calories.
➭ 2 rashers leanest bacon grilled – 200 calories.
➭ Tinned tomatoes 100g – 16 calories.
➭ 2 slices of wholemeal bread or toast with a little butter and jam – 220 calories.
➭ A piece of fruit or a glass of fruit juice – 50 calories.
For Lunch ➭ 1 banana – 107 calories.
➭ 1 orange – 23 calories.
➭ 1 baked potato with baked beans – 300 calories.
➭Cottage cheese with chives – 80 calories.
➭ Cream of Mushroom soup – 96 calories.
➭ A slice of bread with butter – 108 calories.
For Snacks ➭ A small bowl of non fat yogurt – 50 calories.
➭ Fruits – 40 calories.
➭ Muesli meal replacement bar “Boots” – 200 calories. ➭ 1 packet of low-fat chips – 110 calories.
➭ A fruit – 80 calories.
For Dinner ➭ Vegetable curry with rice – 700 calories.
➭ Chicken breast (grilled) with a cup of broccoli accompanied with brown rice. (Brown bread could be an option as well.)
➭ Pasta salad with sauce – 300 calories.
➭ 50 grams tinned tuna in brine – 50 calories.
➭ Chicken Chow – 240 calories.
The above-mentioned 1200 calorie diet menu could be followed to remain fit and feel revitalized. When following this plan, reduce, rather avoid feasting on fast foods. The 1200 calorie diabetic diet plan is yet another plan, starkly different from the aforementioned plan. The diabetic diet plan is devoid of rice, sugar, etc. However, this 1200 calories diet plan has also caused a few side effects in some people; for instance, the metabolic rate is hampered or have felt like they are running out of sap. On a rarity, a handful have observed a dip in their energy levels as well. In order to avoid these, take care that while you are on this diet plan, you consume vegetables, organic food, fruits, etc. in good amounts. Don’t let your system feel parched. Replenish it with the diet mentioned to strike the right chords of your goal.

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