10 DIY Beehives You Can Add To Your Backyard Today

Have you ever thought about raising bees? I mean, generally I don’t like bees around me in the summer but the thought of producing my own honey really thrills me. I have always loved fresh honey and there are so many things that you can do with it from making delicious recipes to creating your own health and beauty products. You could also sell it for a small fortune if you have enough. Which brings me to this most recent DIY project list. I have found 10 of the easiest DIY beehives that you can build in less than a weekend. You can add these to your backyard and start producing your own all natural honey!

10 DIY Beehives You Can Add To Your Backyard Today

I do love the thought of having honey whenever I want it. Have you looked at the price of honey lately? It’s definitely not cheap and it is even more expensive if you opt for the all natural organic honey. So, producing your own will definitely help you to save money if you tend to use a lot of honey and just imagine the thrill of having your own honey bees. This is one of the most exciting projects that I have contemplated for quite some time and I can’t wait to hear what you think of these DIY beehives. And, if you are considering raising your own chickens, you will want to check out these 20 free DIY chicken coop plans, as well.

Of course, if you have never raised bees then you will want to take some time to learn all about beekeeping and what you need to do to keep yourself and your bees safe. Once you have learned the ropes, you can build your own DIY beehive and get started. Imagine the honey that you will have on hand! You will be able to make all sorts of things and bees are generally good for the environment so you are doing your part for the earth, too. And while you are going organic with natural honey, be sure to also check out these 20 free DIY greenhouse plans and go organic with your fruits and veggies, too.

1. DIY Wrap Up Beehive With Environmental Monitoring

DIY Wrap Up Beehive With Environmental MonitoringThis cocoon type beehive is perfect for beginning beekeepers and this one is really easy to build. The fiber insulation keeps bees nice and warm throughout the colder months and you could use recycled fabric or blankets if you don’t have any insulation on hand. This is a really inexpensive beehive to build and you can easily have it finished in an afternoon or two. You just place the cocoon over your beehives when the weather turns cold and enjoy your fresh honey all year long.

Tutorial: instructables

2. Easy DIY Beehive In A Jar

Easy DIY Beehive In A JarYou don’t even have to build a traditional beehive in order to enjoy fresh honey. You can build this DIY beehive in a jar system and your honey and honeycomb will be right there in the jars when you need them. This is a wonderful project for you if you love DIY mason jar projects and it is really easy to put together. You can just replace the jars as you pull off the filled ones and they are ready to use or to give to your friends and family. This is definitely one for the list of DIY mason jar projects to have on hand.

Tutorial: removeandreplace

3. DIY Nucleus Beehive

DIY Nucleus BeehiveA nucleus beehive is a miniature version of a larger one. Where you can keep up to 12 frames in a larger beehive, a nucleus beehive only holds about three to six. This is a great one to build if you are just beginning with beekeeping and it will only take you a few hours to put together. If you want a smaller colony that a traditional beehive holds, this is the perfect one to put in your backyard.

Tutorial: chrisvernon

4. Upcycled Computer Case Beehive

Upcycled Computer Case Beehive An old computer case is the perfect starter beehive. This is also a really easy one to build because the structure is basically already built for you. If you don’t have an old computer shell to use, you can find them for next to nothing at thrift stores or computer repair shops. The case makes the perfect housing for bees and this is a really easy and inexpensive way to start producing your own honey.

Tutorial: instructables

5. DIY Log Beehive

A log beehive is an all natural way to raise bees. It is healthier for the bees since it’s a natural habitat and it is a really easy beehive to build. If you have logs around your house or even an old tree that you can trim down, these beehives won’t cost you anything. You just create hollow areas in the logs for your bees to nest and then just sit back and wait for them to produce.


6. Easy To Build Honey Bee Box

Easy To Build Honey Bee BoxThis easy to build beehive is a wooden box that has all of the components you need to raise healthy bees and product fresh honey. It includes a queen excluder which keeps the queen bee from laying eggs in your honey and the cost is really low even if you have to purchase all of the wood and other materials to build it. Plus, it’s really easy and it’s one that you can have built in less than a weekend.

Tutorial: wikihow

7. DIY Top Bar Beehive

DIY Top Bar BeehiveTop bar beehives are pretty popular, mostly because they are super easy to build. This one is made from all wood but you can also substitute half of a plastic barrel for the top and get the same result. You can easily adjust the pattern to make this one larger or smaller if you prefer and overall, it won’t take you longer than just a couple of hours to build. It’s great if you have a small backyard and it’s up off the ground to keep your bees a bit safer from the weather.

Tutorial: wasatchwarre

8. Quick And Easy DIY Warre Beehive

Quick And Easy DIY Warre BeehiveThe Warre beehive is a bit smaller than a traditional wooden hive, which means that it uses less energy and resources to produce than traditional hives. The cost for this one is about $50 or so per beehive, which is really inexpensive compared to buying a wooden hive. Of course, the actual cost will depend on the type of wood that you use, but it is still much cheaper than many other alternatives. And, you can build this one in about two hours or so.

Tutorial: thebeespace

9. Upcycled Used Tire Beehive

Upcycled Used Tire BeehiveTo begin beekeeping, you really just need a structure where your bees will live. A few old tires are perfect for that and this one requires very little actual building. You can have this one up and buzzing in an afternoon and if you happen to have a few old tires on hand, this is a free beehive to build. Imagine producing your own honey for just the cost of your bees! This is a genius way to repurpose old tires and turn them into something new and super useful.

Tutorial: instructables

10. Simple DIY Wooden Multi Nest Beehive

Simple DIY Wooden Multi Nest BeehiveYou can build this simple beehive to hold tons of bees, which means that you will produce tons of fresh honey. These are really simple to build and the cost depends on the type of wood that you use. If you have some scrap wood left over from other projects, you can use that to save even more money. You can house so many bees in this and if you have the space, build two or more to really product some fresh honey.

Tutorial: cityboyhens

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