15 Grocery Store Cake Hacks That Turn An Ordinary Cake Into A Work Of Art

1. Store Bought Cake With Added Fruit

Store Bought Cake With Added FruitSomething as simple as adding fresh fruit can instantly dress up that plain store bought cake and make it spectacular. You don’t even need that much fruit or that much time for this one. Just choose your fruit – strawberries, bananas, kiwi, etc. – and then layer it in whatever design you want. This is an excellent idea for summer parties and barbecues or you could use flowers as well to give that grocery store cake a makeover.

Recipe/Tutorial: thehouseofsilverlining

2. Yummy Gummy Cake

Yummy Gummy CakeIf you’re planning a child’s birthday party and you need a decorated cake in a snap, just add gummy bears! Kids adore gummy bears and they’re the perfect decoration for cakes because they’re edible. Just layer them in whatever design you prefer and you have a fun and colorful cake. This can be done with any grocery store cake, even one that has decorations – you can just cover those over with gummy bears!

Recipe/Tutorial: raspberricupcakes

3. Grocery Store Cake Turned Carnival Extravaganza

Grocery Store Cake Turned Carnival ExtravaganzaI love this carnival cake that you can easily make from a plain grocery store cake. You’ll need alphabet letters, pipe cleaners, pom poms, skewers and a few other supplies to create the banner and then you just fill in other areas with brightly colored M&Ms, gumballs or whatever you want for decorations. Circus peanuts are perfect for this, as well. If you’re planning a carnival party, this is the cake for you.

Recipe/Tutorial: ohhappyday

4. Store Bought Cake With Ganache

Store Bought Cake With GanacheI love ganache! It’s so beautiful when it’s done and you can do so much with it, including covering a grocery store cake with it to make it spectacular. If you’ve never worked with ganache, you’re in for a nice surprise. It’s easy to make and even easier to decorate with and you can add so many wonderful elements to the top of your cake when you cover the sides in ganache. Top it off with fruit, whipped cream, or any number of other decorative items.

Recipe/Tutorial: sweetnessandbite

5. Plain Cake With Candy Necklace Banner

Plain Cake With Candy Necklace BannerCandy necklaces are really cheap – you can get several for a dollar at most Dollar Stores or Dollar Tree stores – and you can use them to create a lovely banner for your plain grocery store cake. Whatever icing color your cake has, this little colorful candy banner is sure to give it a whole new look. You could even (carefully) take the necklaces apart and use the candies to decorate around the outside of the cake for even more decoration.

Recipe/Tutorial: potterandbutler

6. DIY Candy Covered Cake

DIY Candy Covered CakeI love this candy covered cake – and your guests are going to love it, too. To make it, you just take an ordinary grocery store cake and literally cover it in candy. Use Kit Kat bars to cover the outside of the cake and then M&Ms to create a colorful top and border. This is so very easy and you can have it completed in less than 20 minutes. If you’re in a pinch and need a spectacular cake, this is definitely the one to make.

Recipe/Tutorial: livinthepielife

7. Princess Tiara Cake

Princess Tiara CakeIf you’re planning a princess party and you don’t want to spend $50 or more for a custom cake, this princess tiara cake is perfect. You just take that ordinary store bought cake and add a tiara – that you can buy at the Dollar Store for around a dollar or so. Add in some piped in color or cut out your little princess’ name from fondant and it’s completely customized and not nearly as expensive as you would expect. You can make this entire thing for less than $10 – not counting the cake.

Recipe/Tutorial: threelilprincesses

8. Twizzler Flower Topped Cake

Twizzler Flower Topped CakeTurn that ordinary cake into a colorful work of art with Twizzlers. Twizzler flowers are so easy to make! They’re already shaped – you just have to cut them apart and then add them to the sides of your cake to create a dessert that is perfect for birthday parties or general get-togethers. This is one of the easiest grocery store cake hacks and one of the most spectacular – not to mention one of the cheapest.

Recipe/Tutorial: handmadecharlotte

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