25 Quick And Easy Crochet Blanket Patterns For Beginners

1. Blackberry Salad Striped Afghan

Blackberry Salad Striped AfghanThis gorgeous afghan can easily be crocheted in a number of sizes. You could use the pattern for a baby blanket or a king sized throw – whatever size you need. I love all the different colors and there are pattern sizes available for any size that you would need. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to work with different colors on the same project, so if you haven’t done that, this is an easy pattern to learn.

Pattern and instructions: mooglyblog

2. Chunky Feather And Fan Blanket

Chunky Feather And Fan BlanketThis blanket has a beautiful lace look to it that is much easier to create than you may think. You use weight yarn and a large hook for this one – 15 mm to be exact – so it works up really quickly. The finished product makes a gorgeous throw and you can learn the feather and fan stitches that are very popular.

Pattern and instructions: persialou

3. Clamshell Blanket

Clamshell BlanketThis gorgeous clamshell blanket is a bit trickier than others but so worth the effort. You can use the pattern for larger blankets or baby blankets as well as cushions and just about anything else you want to create that has this lovely clamshell pattern. This is such a traditional looking blanket and it would be the perfect throw for those chilly winter nights.

Pattern and instructions: ravelry

4. Classic Crochet Baby Blanket

Classic Crochet Baby BlanketThis lovely little blanket is perfect for anyone you know who is expecting. Why purchase store bought baby blankets when you can easily crochet one yourself? The design is so elegant and beautiful and it’s a really easy pattern to follow. The scalloped edge is really gorgeous, too and you could easily adjust this for size if you wanted to make something a big larger.

Pattern and instructions: onelittlerayndrop

5. Hexa Puff Quilt

Hexa Puff QuiltThis hexa puff quilt is absolutely stunning. The colors along with the design make it perfect for giving or keeping for yourself as a nice throw. The pattern is for a baby sized quilt, which would also be perfect for a lapghan or you could adjust the size if you want to make it a bit larger. I love the pattern itself with those puffs of color. It’s just a gorgeous piece no matter what size you make.

Pattern and instructions: craftdisasters

6. ABC Afghan

ABC AfghanI love the idea of crocheting this ABC afghan to give as a gift at a baby shower. Who wouldn’t just love having this? It’s a block quilt that has the alphabet in the blocks and there’s a heart that you can put in the empty blocks. I think doing this in different colors per line would be gorgeous, especially if you know the gender of the baby so you can alternate colors for him or her or just use neutral colors.

Pattern and instructions: crochetnmore

7. Swirl Blanket

Swirl BlanketThis swirl blanket is certainly unique and makes the perfect throw for the back of your tea sipping and reading chair. This one is really easy, too. Once you set up with the center, you just have to repeat the same step over and over until you reach the length that you want. It’s easy to adjust to whatever length you need, and it’s one of the most gorgeous blanket patterns I’ve seen.

Pattern and instructions: ravelry

8. Crochet Sampler Afghan

Crochet Sampler AfghanI love sampler patterns. This afghan really resembles a quilt with its blocks of different colors and designs. It’s pretty simple to create, too since you’re working with the blocks. I even love the blues and greens used in this one, although you could use pink and blue to make it a baby afghan or whatever colors you need. Sampler patterns give you the opportunity to work with a number of different stiches so they’re great for practice.

Pattern and instructions: redheart

9. Sampler Throw

Sampler ThrowHere’s another beautiful sampler pattern that lets you create a wonderful throw. I love the bold colors used in this one but again, use whatever colors you need. I really like these sampler patterns because you can try out so many stitches that maybe you haven’t done before so you get to practice and practice some more, making you perfect for those more difficult projects you may want to try.

Pattern and instructions: lionbrand

10. Go Team Colors Blanket

Go Team Colors BlanketThis pattern is for a baby blanket, but you could also use this team blanket for those cold nights at the stadium. It’s an easy pattern and you incorporate the colors of your favorite team. Whether you enjoy football or baseball – both of which are played outside during colder weather – you will love having this little blanket along to help keep you warm on those windy nights.

Pattern and instructions: mooglyblog

11. Blanket For All Seasons

Blanket For All SeasonsThis adorable little baby blanket can be customized in different ways to make it perfect for whatever you need. It’s also a really easy beginner project and allows you to practice different stitches so you can become more experienced. The pattern can be adjusted to different yarn weights as well so it really is perfect for any season.

Pattern and instructions: ravelry

12. Giant Granny Square Throw

Giant Granny Square ThrowI have to say, I’m a little jealous of people who have perfected the granny square. I personally think it’s the most gorgeous of all crocheting projects. If you love doing granny squares, or even if you’re like me and just need to practice them more, this is the perfect blanket project. This huge blanket can be used as a bedspread or just anywhere that you need it – like on the back of your couch to show off your amazing granny square skills.

Pattern and instructions: makerssociety

13. Hexagon Blanket

Hexagon BlanketThis beautiful and colorful blanket uses a hexagon pattern that makes it absolutely gorgeous. You use a hexagon granny square to create it and you will end up making more than 200 of those little squares to finish it off. It’s not as lengthy as it sounds, though. You could easily whip this up in a weekend and it’s perfect for snuggling up and watching movies on those cold evenings.

Pattern and instructions: petalstopicots

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