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10 Memorable DIY Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is such a magical time. That magic is made even more special when you have a little one who is celebrating his or her first holiday season. We always bought baby’s first Christmas ornaments for our kids and have hung them on the tree as part of our Christmas tradition. If you have a little one and are celebrating a first Christmas, you may want to carry on this same tradition…and you can do it DIY style. I have found 10 of the most adorable baby’s first Christmas ornaments that you can make yourself and really celebrate this first milestone in your little one’s life.

10 Memorable DIY Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

Whether you like the hand and footprint ornaments or you want something to hold your baby’s hospital bracelet or any number of other memorable items, you can make a gorgeous ornament to commemorate his or her first holiday season and these won’t cost you much money at all…save all that money for diapers! The supplies for these are super cheap and they are so easy to make that you can do them while your little one is napping! And, if you want even more ideas for your newborn, be sure to check out these top 28 adorable baby projects.I love everything about new babies! I even love looking for ways of reusing many of the items that you need when you have a new baby. Everything from formula cans and baby food jars to baby wipe containers can be recycled. In fact, there’s a great list of 30 ways to repurpose baby wipe containers that you really should take a look at. Now, back to our ornaments. You can beautifully commemorate your baby’s first Christmas with any number of these DIY ornaments and use them to decorate your tree every Christmas. You might even want to make a new one for every year and use them to create a memory Christmas tree!

1. Easy DIY Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Easy DIY Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This little handprint ornament is perfect for decorating your tree and it’s really easy to make. You’ll need to find a clear glass or plastic ornament. The Dollar Store has them for less than a dollar each. Then get some embossing ink and powder which you will use to make his or her handprint. Just press the ink onto the ornament and finish it off with the glittery powder. You can even seal this in with a heat gun so that it lasts for many years.Tutorial: asortafairytaleblog

2. Baby’s First Christmas Footprint Craft

Baby’s First Christmas Footprint Craft

Just as you can do a handprint ornament, you can create an adorable footprint ornament. You do this in much the same way as the handprint ornament but it’s better for newborns or younger babies whose footprints will fit on the ornament. This looks beautiful on a frosted white glass ornament and you only need the ornament, tacky glue and some glitter to make it. This is a gorgeous ornament and will perfectly match up with any Christmas tree toppers and ornaments you are already using.Tutorial: notquitesusie

3. DIY Tree Trunk Ornament

DIY Tree Trunk Ornament

I love the idea of creating a baby’s first ornament from wood. I actually love all types of reclaimed wood DIY projects and this is one of my favorites. To do this one, simply cut away a sliver of wood – not too big so that it will fit on the tree – and then carve your baby’s name and birthdate with a wood burning kit. You can also use a sharpie or other permanent marker and just write it in. Add a red ribbon for hanging and you’re all done.Tutorial: thephotographerswife

4. DIY Dough Handprint Ornament

DIY Dough Handprint Ornament

You can also create a gorgeous handprint ornament from dough. You remember those old dough ornaments that you used to make in school, right? This is the same thing only before the dough gets hard, simply press baby’s hand into it to form a mold. Then, paint and even add glitter if you want to the actual handprint and emboss it on the front or back with your baby’s name and birthdate.Tutorial: alphamom

5. Onesie Tag Ornaments

Onesie Tag Ornaments

I found these little tag ornaments on Etsy and I had to include them. They are so adorable and perfect for commemorating the first holiday season of your little one. They’re silver onesies that are embossed with your baby’s name, birthdate and weight and length at birth. What a wonderful way to remember baby’s first Christmas! Hang this on your traditional or unique Christmas trees.Tutorial: etsy.com

6. DIY Keepsake Ornament

DIY Keepsake Ornament

This ornament is one of the easiest to make and it’s filled with little keepsakes. Just head over to the Dollar Store and pick up a fillable clear plastic ornament. These are around a dollar each. Then, fill the ornament with keepsakes like ribbons, your baby’s hospital bracelet, little plastic baby décor items such as teddy bears or rocking horses and anything else that you want to keep forever. You can even paint your baby’s name and birthdate on the ornament with acrylic paints.Tutorial: untrainedhousewife

7. DIY Wood Circle Handprint Ornament

DIY Wood Circle Handprint Ornament

Handprint ornaments are really popular for baby’s first Christmas and here is another really easy one. You’ll need a wood circle and if you don’t want to cut this yourself, you can pick them up at most craft stores for under $3. Paint the circle with chalkboard paint and use white paint to mark your baby’s handprint. FYI, use a non toxic paint for this and make sure that you get all of it off of baby’s hand when you’re finished.Tutorial: smartcentsmom

8. Numbered Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

These glittery numbered ornaments are really unique and so easy to make. You can do one of these for every Christmas, so next year, use a two instead of a one. You simply paint the metal numbers – and you can use cookie cutters for the numbers – with spray paint and then add fake glittery snowflakes for decoration. These are so easy and so lovely when you add them to your tree and this is a wonderful repurposing project. Don’t you just love repurposed Christmas crafts?

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UC8uvzY0YoU

9. DIY Mini Snow Globe Ornament

DIY Mini Snow Globe Ornament

You can simply add your baby’s name to a regular ornament to make it a first Christmas ornament, right? Right! And this little mini snow globe is the perfect one to add his or her name to. It’s made from a clear bulb ornament and glitter. You’ll need a small evergreen tree as well as some baker’s twine and hot glue for creating the ornament. Then, just add your little one’s name and birthdate to the bottom with a sharpie or do it in glue and glitter.Tutorial: nobiggie

10. Baby’s First Block Ornament

Baby’s First Block Ornament

Use wooden blocks to create your baby’s first Christmas ornament. To make these, you just need plain wooden blocks, mod podge and a picture of your little one. You use mod podge to attach the picture and then use paints or markers to add baby’s name and birthdate. You can decorate each side with a different picture or add any number of other Christmas decorations. Then just attach a screw hook and hang it on your tree.Tutorial: thecraftingchicks

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