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5 DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments You Can Easily DIY {Video Tutorials}

Love the fall and winter holidays? I certainly do. There is no better time of the year to work on your crafts. It’s getting nippy outside, and indoors you can stay toasty and warm while you work on creating beautiful fall and winter décor projects like these.

You’ll probably start with Thanksgiving crafts like the ones in this big list, but then it will be time for Christmas crafts. And nothing is more fun than making your own tree ornaments!

In fact, I have an exclusive video for you today. In it, I teach you how to make five different types of DIY Christmas tree ornaments. These crafts are easy enough your children can make their own. You’ll also find that these make perfect gifts for everyone on your list this year!


Craft sticks
Hot glue and glue gun
Bows, fake pine needles, snowflakes, faux pearls, and other embellishments
Craft balls
Fake flower petals
Tissue paper


Christmas Sleighs

1. Gather five craft sticks.

2. Glue three of them together side by side.

3. Glue the other two perpendicular to the first three on either side to form the sides of the sleigh.

4. Embellish the sleigh using a bow and some fake pine needles (or any other embellishments you want—feel free to get creative).

5. Add some twine and you have some gorgeous Christmas sleigh ornaments! These have a great rustic look to them. Think about painting them with festive Christmas colors.

Christmas Star

1. Get five craft sticks and glue them together into a star shape.

2. Embellish the Christmas star however you want.

3. Add some twine and hang it on your tree!

Flower Petal Ornament

1. Start out with a Styrofoam craft ball. Get some fake flower petals and start pinning them on.

2. Continue until you cover the entire craft ball.

3. Add some cord or twine to hang the ornament by.

As you can see, the finished result is very elegant.

Christmas Snowflake

1. For this project, you are going to need to start with three complete craft sticks, and then you are going to need to cut up a number of other craft sticks. It is important that you cut at a diagonal angle. Check the pictures and video to see what I mean.

2. Glue the three complete craft sticks together to form a six-pointed shape.

3. Now start adding the cut pieces to the ends of the complete craft sticks. You can see now why they had to be cut at a diagonal angle. This allows them to seamlessly connect.

4. If you want, add some embellishments.

You now have a lovely snowflake ornament!

Tissue Paper Ornament

1.Get a craft ball and wrap it up inside some fancy tissue paper.

2. Tie a ribbon around it.

3. Cut off the extra bit at the end.

4. Embellish it with some fake leaves, etc. Add some twine.

You now have a simple but elegant ornament.

Enjoy making these tree ornaments on your own or with your kids. Merry Christmas!

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