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5 Easy to Do Christmas Crafts Out of Ordinary Supplies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There are a lot of reasons to love the holidays—the chance to reconnect with family and friends, the opportunity to give and receive gifts—and of course the prospect of making fun DIY holiday crafts!

Where to get started? Well, you could check out these 30 easy crochet Christmas ornaments, or these 5 Christmas jar projects for easy home décor. Or you could just hit “play” on the video below to discover 5 easy DIY Christmas crafts you can make using simple supplies you probably already have in your home. Let’s get crafting!


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Craft sticks
Hot glue and glue gun
Googly eyes
Wrapped candy
Paper plates
Construction paper
Plastic bottle
Pipe cleaners
Other embellishments as desired


Craft Stick Rudolph Reindeer

1. Get three craft sticks and glue them together into a triangle shape. This will represent the head of the reindeer. Make sure that the craft sticks overlap at the top two corners a bit to imply antlers.

2. Hot glue little bows in the top two corners.

3. Hot glue a piece of wrapped candy to the bottom corner to represent Rudolph’s red nose.

4. Use hot glue to attach two googly eyes to the reindeer’s head.

5. The last step is to attach a ribbon or twine to the top so that you hang it as an ornament.

Snowman Plates

1. Get two paper plates and glue them together, one positioned above the other. This will represent the head and body of a snowman.

2. Use hot glue to attach two black circles of construction paper to the top plate. These represent the snowman’s coal eyes.

3. Cut out an orange triangle of construction paper and paste that on as the carrot nose.

4. Next, add a bow and snowflake embellishment at the neck, and then a couple of buttons below.

5. Attach a ribbon or twine to the top so that you can hang the snowman up somewhere as an ornament.

Since this project is super easy, it would be a great one to do with young children.

Snowman Picture Frame

1. Begin by hot gluing four craft sticks together to form a square shape. This is the base for the picture frame. Each of the craft sticks should overlap slightly at the corners.

2. Make little mittens out of construction paper and attach little bows to them. Attach one to each of the top two corners.

3. Make little boots out of construction paper, and attach those to the bottom two corners.

4. Cut out a white circle of construction paper and attach it to the top craft stick to form the head of the snowman.

5. Cut out a piece of black construction paper in the shape of a top hat, and glue that to the top of the snowman’s head.

6. Add some googly eyes and an orange triangle of construction paper in the shape of a carrot nose, and then attach a string or twine. You can now put a picture in the frame and hang it from your tree. These would make great gifts too!

Reindeer Water Bottle

1. Get a water bottle and use hot glue to attach some googly eyes to the front.

2. Next, glue a piece of wrapped candy below the eyes to represent the nose.

3. Wrap some pipe cleaners around the top of the bottle and arrange them to form a set of antlers.

This would be a cute item of office décor for the holidays. Just re-use the same water bottle each day for a while.

Reindeer Lollipop

1. Sketch the shape of a reindeer face on a piece of construction paper and cute it out. Make sure that you draw the nose inside as a large circle and cut that out as well so that it is hollow.

2. Hot glue googly eyes to the reindeer face.

3. Attach a bow to the front, and a lollipop to the back. You want the lollipop to stick through the hole and act as the nose for the reindeer.

All done! What a cute way to present a lollipop to someone special on the holidays!

That’s it! I hope that you enjoy making all of these fun and easy Christmas crafts. Each can bring some holiday cheer into your life and those of the family members or friends who receive your handcrafted gifts!

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