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10 Fabulous Repurposing Ideas For Old Kitchen Cabinets

A few years ago, we redid out kitchen, including adding in some new cabinets. We took out the old cabinets and I am sorry to say, just hauled them away. I had no idea that there were things that you could make from old kitchen cabinets. I was thinking about that recently and thought that it would look and see if there actually are things that can be made from repurposed cabinets. I found 10 fabulous repurpose ideas for kitchen cabinets!

10 Fabulous Repurpose Ideas For Old Kitchen Cabinets

There are so many great ideas in here, from a shoe storage bench to a build in bed! I had no idea that old kitchen cabinets could come in so handy for making other things. It makes me wish I could go get my old cabinets back and turn them into something spectacular. But, even if you don’t have any old kitchen cabinets on hand, you can find them so cheap if someone is remodeling. Check on the internet and online yard sales in your area and go to your local thrift store. Our Goodwill had a few base cabinets for less than $5 each. And if they have doors, that’s great. I have a nice list of 25 DIY projects from old cabinet doors, too.

I am so glad to be able to share these ideas with you! I know how expensive new furniture and home décor can be, which is why I love sharing DIY ideas, especially repurpose ideas. I think that you are going to find something fabulous in this list to use those old kitchen cabinets for. There are so many great ideas and all of them are really easy to build, even the built in bed! You can add this to the kitchen and have loads of canned food storage space.

1. DIY Built In Bed

DIY Built In BedYou can turn old kitchen cabinets into the most amazing bed that looks as if it is built right into your wall. This DIY bed has so much storage potential! You use the cabinets to create the storage and then just box everything in. This is perfect for a kids’ room, and especially great if you don’t have a lot of closet space for clothes storage. You could even do a couple of these in one room to make space for everyone.

Tutorial: hometalk

2. Repurposed Wall Cabinet Shoe Storage Bench

I love this DIY shoe storage bench for the entryway to keep those muddy shoes off the floor. You could also use this in the bedroom to hold shoes that won’t fit into your closet. It’s so easy to make from an old kitchen cabinet and you can have it finished in just an hour or so. This is a short wall cabinet, which makes it the perfect height for sitting and putting on your shoes.

Tutorial: prettyhandygirl

3. DIY Mudroom Bench

DIY Mudroom BenchIf you have a couple of old kitchen wall cabinets that you can use, you can turn them into this amazing DIY mudroom bench. You could do this with just one cabinet if you don’t really have the space for a longer bench but I love the storage potential when you add the two benches together. This is the perfect DIY project for keeping your mudroom organized and reusing those old kitchen cabinets at the same time. I love this project as much as my DIY dining bench made from shelving units.

Tutorial: diynetwork

4. DIY Repurposed Cabinet Dartboard

DIY Repurposed Cabinet DartboardHow cool is this dartboard project that you make from an old kitchen cabinet? I love how you can just close it up and hide it away when you’re not playing and there is so much space to store all of those arrows. You can even paint the insides of the cabinet doors with chalkboard paint to make it easier to keep score when you’re playing. This would be perfect in a family room or den and it’s a super easy project!

Tutorial: atthepicketfence

5. Upcycled Kitchen Cabinet Wine Rack

Upcycled Kitchen Cabinet Wine RackAdd some legs to an old kitchen cabinet and some chicken wire on the doors and you have the makings of a gorgeous new wine rack. I love this repurposed kitchen cabinet idea. If you really wanted to be creative, you could cut grooves into the shelves to give your wine bottles and individual place to lay and even add hangers at the tops of the shelves for your glasses.

Source: etsy.com

6. Simple DIY Kitchen Island

Simple DIY Kitchen IslandIf you are completely redoing your kitchen, you can use those bottom cabinets to create this amazing DIY kitchen island. Whether you decide to put your stovetop in your new island or just add an old countertop – or a new one if you are remodeling – this one is super easy to do and it’s a great way to repurpose those kitchen cabinets and keep them useful in the kitchen. This is such a simple kitchen remodeling idea that will frugally transform your kitchen.

Tutorial: instructables

7. Cheap And Easy DIY Craft Desk

Cheap And Easy DIY Craft DeskHow amazing would this little craft desk be in your den or craft room? You can make this with just a couple of base cabinets and a piece of plywood. The cabinets give you so much storage space and they don’t take up loads of space. This would be the perfect desk for kids to do their homework on, too and could easily be built into a bedroom to give each of them their own study space.

Tutorial: howtonestforless

8. Repurposed Kitchen Cabinet Console Table

Repurposed Kitchen Cabinet Console TableYou can take an old base kitchen cabinet and turn it into a lovely console table for the hallway. You could even put a few cabinets together to make a longer console table if you have the space. This is great for entryways too. It’s a wonderful place to keep your keys and mail and the cabinets give you loads of extra storage space for umbrellas and other things that you need near the front door.

Tutorial: myfabulesslife

9. DIY Play Kitchen

DIY Play KitchenLittle girls are going to adore this DIY play kitchen that you can make from a kitchen wall cabinet. You could also turn this into a neat little workshop for little boys. You just need one cabinet to make it, plus a few extras to make it look like a real kitchen. This is such a creative way to repurpose that kitchen cabinet and turn it into something useful and fun for the kids! I love repurpose projects for kids, especially ones that give you DIY rustic toys.

Tutorial: younghouselove

10. Repurposed Cabinet Garage Storage

Repurposed Cabinet Garage StorageTurn those old kitchen cabinets into a wonderful storage and workshop unit for the garage. There is so much space in here for garage storage and the top of the cabinets doubles as a great workspace for all sorts of DIY projects. This one is as easy as just moving those old cabinets into the garage and if you don’t have old cabinets to use, check your local thrift stores. You can get an entire set really cheap.

Tutorial: dengarden

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