10 Imaginative Ways To Repurpose Old Car Parts Into Amazing Home Décor

Have you ever wondered what to do with old car parts? Believe it or not, I have and I started looking for ways to incorporate old car parts into décor. You see, there is a house just down the road that has so many old cars beside it. While it’s an eyesore with all of those junk cars just sitting there, I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe there was a way to repurpose some of those old parts into something new and beautiful. And so, I did what I do and started looking for DIY projects that let you repurpose old car parts. I found 10 really imaginative ways to turn old car parts into amazing home décor!

10 Imaginative Ways To Repurpose Old Car Parts Into Amazing Home Décor

If you love repurposing then I promise that you are going to love all of these DIY ideas. Talk about turning trash to treasure! There are so many wonderful ways to take parts of junk vehicles and turn them into rustic home décor! Who knew? I found some wonderful drawer pulls that are made with upcycled door handles and even a legitimate headboard that is made from an old car hood. It even has shelves! Oh, and speaking of repurposing old things, you have to be sure to check out these 30 crafty ways to repurpose old magazines. There honestly is a way to repurpose just about anything.

I love making new things for the home and garden and there are some wonderful ideas in this list. These are all super easy, too. Most of them will only take you a couple of hours to complete. And, if you don’t happen to have any old car parts that you can use, you can find them really cheap at any flea market. People sell this stuff off for a dollar or less just to get rid of it. You know what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! And, you should take a look at these 20 creative ways to repurpose old chairs, too. There are some wonderful trash to treasure ideas in here, as well.

1. Upcycled Door And Window Handle Drawer Pulls

Upcycled Door And Window Handle Drawer PullsOld door and window handles from cars and trucks make wonderful dresser or cabinet drawer pulls. You can easily remove handles from the vehicles and then just attach them where your regular drawer pulls would go. They should just screw right in to the holes that are in the dresser drawers. This is a great idea for boys’ rooms or for cabinets in the garage.

Tutorial: shedreamsbig

2. Repurposed Car Hood Headboard With Bookshelves

Repurposed Car Hood Headboard With BookshelvesAn old car hood can be turned into the most adorable headboard. This is also a great idea for boys’ rooms or girls’ rooms if your little princesses like cars. You can build bookshelves into the sides of the car hood and use it to store and organize all of their little books. How adorable is this? And, it’s a really easy DIY project to do.

Tutorial: stamptillucramp

3. DIY Mail Sorter

You can make a lovely rustic looking mail sorter from an old coil spring that you get from a car or truck. These are great – I love the farmhouse appeal and this is a wonderful gift idea for your favorite shade tree mechanic. You could also use this in the kitchen as a recipe holder if you want something auto related that has the perfect rustic look. This one is super easy and you can get these old coil springs at any junkyard for just a couple of dollars.

Tutorial: diyjoy

4. Adorable Upcycled Car Jack Kids’ Stools

Adorable Upcycled Car Jack Kids’ StoolsThese little stools for kids are so adorable and so very simple to make. You create these from car jacks, which serve as the leg/base section, and you can use reclaimed wood or wood pallets to make the seats and the backs. These have a great industrial look to them and would go perfectly with your other rustic home décor. These would look great next to your other DIY bar stools.

Tutorial: myrepurposedlife

5. 50 States License Plate Mat

50 States License Plate MatThis map is the coolest thing that I have seen. You make this from old license plates and you use a license plate from each of the 50 states. The license plate from each state makes that state that goes into your map. How cool is that? When it’s finished, this would be lovely hanging in the living room or den and you can get old license plates from different states really cheap – just check online auctions, yard sales and thrift stores.

Tutorial: creatingreallyawesomefreethings

6. Upcycled License Plate Step Ladder

Upcycled License Plate Step LadderThis little step ladder is really simple to make. You create décor for the steps by adding a couple of old license plates. You can use plates from any state or timeline that you want and you could even build a DIY step ladder from reclaimed wood to make this one even better. This has such a nice farmhouse appeal to it, don’t you think?

Tutorial: homeroad

7. DIY Seat Belt Buckle Key Holder

This DIY keyholder is amazing and you make it with old seatbelts. You can find these at any salvage or junkyard and they are really cheap. You make the key holder by attaching the seatbelts to a piece of wood and you add the brackets to your keyring. When you are ready to hang your keys up for the night, you just snap them into the seatbelts. This keeps your keys right there where you can always find them!

[embedded content]

8. Repurposed Steering Wheel Curtain Holders

Repurposed Steering Wheel Curtain HoldersThis amazing DIY project is done with old tractor steering wheels but you could do it with steering wheels from old cars, too. You use the steering wheels to make these amazing DIY curtain holders. These would look lovely indoors or you could use them to hang your outdoor curtains. They are super easy to make and this is such a genius car parts repurpose project. And, they would look beautiful with your DIY curtains.

Tutorial: creative-ambitions

9. DIY Tire Rim Patio Ottoman

DIY Tire Rim Patio OttomanI love this little ottoman that you can make out of old tire rims. If you have a few tires to use, you could make one of these to sit next to all of your patio chairs. These would also work indoors, as well and they are super easy to make. You just need one old tire rim for each ottoman and then you need paint and something to create a comfy cushiony top.

Tutorial: countryliving

10. Creative Engine Block Wine Rack

Creative Engine Block Wine RackI really adore this wine rack and side table combo that is made from an old engine block. Who knew that there was something for your home that you could make from an old car motor? This is made from an old V-8 engine, so you have eight places to put your wine, but you could use a 6 or 4-cylinder if you needed something smaller or if that is what you have on hand.

Tutorial: xketype

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