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15 Ways To Turn Glass Marbles Into Home Decor And More

When my kids were younger, we had so many marbles. Seriously, those little things could be found in every crack and corner of my house. Now that the kids have sort of outgrown their marble playing days, I started thinking about what I could do with those marbles. I mean, we’re talking so many marbles! So I started looking around and found 15 really creative repurposing ideas that will turn those glass marbles into home décor…and more.

15 Ways To Turn Glass Marbles Into Home Decor And More

There are some great projects in here. From glass marble jewelry to candleholders, vases, ornaments and so many other things, you will find the perfect way to repurpose those old marbles and turn them into some wonderful products. I do love a good repurposing project and these are among my favorites. If you want to do these and you don’t happen to have a ton of marbles on hand, you can find them at most thrift stores. Mine has them for just a dollar for a huge bag. Or, check the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree. And, speaking of the Dollar Store, have you seen these 25 DIY summer wreaths that you make with Dollar Store supplies?

I have always had a sort of fascination with marbles. I mean, they come in all sizes, all sorts of colors and designs and they are just so much fun. That’s why I really adore these 15 repurposing ideas that turn those marbles into wonderful things for your home. Some of these can be made with single marbles while others require a few more but again, marbles are pretty cheap if you don’t have any on hand. And, while you’re busy making a few home décor pieces from marbles, be sure that you take a look at these 22 giant DIY floor pillows. You can relax on one of these while you do your marble crafts!

1. Glass Marble Bracelet

Glass Marble BraceletThis bracelet is gorgeous, made with glass marbles and a simple bracelet form that you can find at most hobby or craft stores. Check your craft section at Walmart also. They have loads of jewelry making supplies. If you prefer to just buy a glass marble bracelet, you can find this one on Etsy. It’s $24, or you can make it for about half of that if you already have a few marbles that you can use.

Source: Etsy.com

2. DIY Marble Candleholder

DIY Marble CandleholderThis DIY candleholder is gorgeous and it’s a really easy one to make. I love DIY candles and candleholders and this one is so elegant when it is finished. You make this with a handful of glass marbles – you can use round or flat ones – and an old CD. The CD sets the base for the candleholder and then you just have to build your marbles up around it using a really strong glass adhesive.

Tutorial: comfortspringstation

3. DIY Cracked Marble Jewelry

DIY Cracked Marble JewelryCracked marbles are really beautiful and they are super easy to make if you want to do the yourself. You can make these lovely cracked marbles with any glass marbles that you have on hand and if you do them in different sizes – use some of those really large ones – you can make jewelry that is so unique! This cracked marble necklace is simply a cracked marble on a simple necklace cord but you could go more complex with these if you wanted. This makes really gorgeous DIY boho styled jewelry.

Tutorial: consumercrafts

4. Easy DIY Faux Stained Glass Window

Easy DIY Faux Stained Glass WindowTurn an ordinary window into a work of art with those glass marbles. This DIY faux stained glass window is super easy to make and you can be as creative as you want to be with these. You could do your existing windows – these would be beautiful in the kitchen or bathroom – or this is a great project to repurpose old windows. Just take an old window and give it a marble stained glass image and use it for wall art.

Source: pinterest

5. Lovely DIY Garden Mobile/Windchime

Lovely DIY Garden Mobile/WindchimeThose glass marbles are perfect for creating some beauty in your garden. Just string some of them together with wire – you can use jewelry wire for this – and then hang them up in the garden or on the porch or deck. When the wind blows, they will make a beautiful sound so they double as a mobile and a DIY windchime. You just have to choose how many marbles you want to use and what to use for the base – think wire forms or old CDs.

[embedded content]

6. Cute DIY Garden Treasure Jars – Kids Project!

Cute DIY Garden Treasure Jars – Kids Project!Get your kids together, give them each an empty glass jar and some marbles and let them create their own adorable little glass treasure jars for the garden. You can display these jars anywhere and in a number of ways. Kids are going to love making their own and they can be as creative as they want. This is a great way to repurpose some old empty glass jars and give the kids a great DIY project, as well.

Tutorial: empressofdirt

7. Marble Designed Coat Rack

Marble Designed Coat RackTake an old wooden coat rack and give it a fabulous new look with those glass marbles. You could even use marbles to decorate a DIY coat rack. I found this one on Etsy and it is simply gorgeous. This one will set you back over $100, but it really is gorgeous. And, if you prefer to DIY it, you could be really creative with this idea. Turn a small headboard into a mirrored coat rack and add your marbles for decoration. If you love DIY coat racks, you will adore this one.

Source: Etsy.com

8. Gorgeous DIY Grape Cluster Ornaments

Gorgeous DIY Grape Cluster OrnamentsI love these glass grape cluster ornaments! They have such a lovely vintage look to them and they are super easy to make. You just need to decide if your grapes are going to be purple or green. Then, gather up enough marbles of that one color to create a lovely glass grape cluster ornament. You can hang these in the kitchen, on the deck or even just lay them on a table or in a centerpiece.

Tutorial: crafts-for-all-seasons

9. DIY Glass Marble Magnets

DIY Glass Marble MagnetsThese DIY magnets that you make from glass marbles can be used on the fridge, in your office or anywhere you want to add some elegant decorations. These are super easy to make and they’re pretty cheap. Marbles are cheap, after all. You make these with clear glass flat marbles and some decorative handkerchiefs. You can find decorative hankies at your local thrift store and get several for a dollar.

Tutorial: bumblebeelinens

10. Adorable DIY Marble Snails

Adorable DIY Marble SnailsI love these little DIY snails that you may from clay and marbles. They are so adorable and they are perfect for decorating those potted plants. Just make up a few and add them to the pots! These are so simple to make and this is a great project for the kids. Let them help you to mold your little snails, choose colors and even place the marbles, which by the way double as the snail’s shell – how cute is that?

Tutorial: thinkcrafts

11. Elegant Gold And Marble Necklace

Elegant Gold And Marble NecklaceHere is a great idea for turning marbles into jewelry. This elegant necklace is made from putting a glass marble on a gold chain. It’s such a simple design and looks so beautiful. You could do these with frosted marbles, clear glass or whatever you have on hand. You could also take a look at this one that I found on Etsy. It’s already finished for you and just $16. Or, you could just hit up your local craft store and get some jewelry making supplies to do it yourself.

Source: Etsy.com

12. Bold DIY Marble Garden Statue

Bold DIY Marble Garden StatueWhen all else fails and you really want to use up all of those marbles at once, you can simply turn them into this gorgeous and bold marble garden statue. Talk about a statement piece! This one is sure to get some attention in your garden and there are a number of ways that you could make it. You just have to glue those marbles to a spherical shaped something, like a bowling ball, Styrofoam ball or something similar and make it as big and as bold as you like. It’s one of those really easy one day garden projects that you will definitely want to try.

13. DIY Snowflake Mosaic Picture Frame

DIY Snowflake Mosaic Picture FrameThis DIY mosaic picture frame ornament is perfect for your tree this coming Christmas and it is super easy to make. You have plenty of time in fact to do several of these before the Holidays arrive and they make wonderful gifts. Do a few for grandparents and add pictures of their grandchildren. These are gorgeous and the perfect way to repurpose those old marbles!

Tutorial: favecrafts

14. Repurposed Mayo Jar Marble Vase

Repurposed Mayo Jar Marble VaseWhat can you do with an empty Mayo jar? You can turn it into a gorgeous vase for your summer flowers! Just add marbles and you’re all set. You can do this one with flat glass marbles or be really creative and use round marbles instead. You just have to have a glass adhesive that will hold your marbles on securely. These would make wonderful gifts, too so you can use up all of those glass jars in your fridge when they’re empty.

Tutorial: addicted2decorating

15. Repurposed Grate Marble Wall Décor

This gorgeous DIY wall décor is made from a rusty old metal grate – like from a heating vent – and some colorful marbles. You can do this with any metal piece that you can find. Check your local thrift stores for old grates or just use anything that you have on hand. Just create a design with your marbles and hang it wherever you want some rustic yet contemporary looking wall art.

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