What You Need to Shoot iPhone Videos like a Pro

A rundown of all the best apps, camera tools and equipment to help you shoot iPhone videos like a pro.

A few weeks back, Dubdub invited us to spend the afternoon creating video content at the Dub Loft Creator Space in downtown, Toronto. The goal was to learn how to shoot iPhone videos like a pro.

In addition to creating a short, quick cut video for the See Girl Work social media pages, we also interviewed Dubdub‘s Product Specialist & Studio Manager, Robert Elliot.

We talked about blogging, vlogging, camera tools and equipment, plus how the Dubdub apps can you help you shoot iPhone videos like a pro.

With the dubsuite app you can shoot, edit and share great videos simply and easily. Add text, images and rights-free music all ready for commercial use to create brilliant videos and then share them on your social feeds or on your website. All this entirely from your smart phone.

With the dubcandy app you can make your videos shoppable. Take any video you currently have in your mobile phone camera library and add up to 5 product tags to it.  If you’re already using dubsuite to make your sweet videos, you can upload them straight from the app.

The Dub Loft is set up for shooting professional-looking videos. They have professional grade lighting equipment, camera equipment, gear, mics, props — they even have a selection of makeup and beauty products to shoot with. The main point is — you can create great-looking video content using just your smart phone.

In addition to learning about these fun new apps and touring the space, Rob also gave us a few quick lessons on camera equipment, lighting and composition to make our videos look more professional.

We shot all the content for our videos using just a smart phone. But see the list below for the additional equipment that we used to shoot our videos.

Camera Stand

The best way to shoot interviews and videos is to mount your smart phone with a camera stand. I previously thought that a camera stand would be super pricey, but Rob let us know that a basic camera stand for your smart phone shouldn’t cost more than $20.

Microphone for Smart Phones

For our videos, Rob also used a microphone for smart phones.  I probably won’t invest in another microphone anytime soon (I’ve previously purchased a microphone for my podcast recordings), but it was nice to see what the pros use to get great sound for their videos.

Phone Camera Gimbal

The most fun piece of new equipment I learned about was the phone camera gimbal. It’s used to stabilize your smart phone so the video doesn’t look shaky.

Rob pointed out that this type of equipment is ideal for vloggers as its compact size makes it easy to travel with. However, at around $400, it’s a huge investment to make if you’re not quite monetizing your content already.

Boom Stand

Another cool piece of equipment at the Dub loft is the tripod boom stand. This is what the pros use to shoot all their flat lay photos (our featured image). Sure, you can stand on a chair and shoot like an amateur. But why not level up with a boom stand for professional grade flat lay photography.

A boom stand is more expensive than a regular camera stand at about $90. Plus it’s not as mobile as a regular camera stand. Since the legs spread apart, a boom stand also takes up a lot more space.

It’s great for smart phones, but if you’re mounting a heavier DSLR or video camera, you’ll need to also use sandbags on the legs to prevent the boom stand from tipping over from the weight of the camera.

Video Editing

We used the dubsuite app to edit our short, quick cut video that we posted on our Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter channels (it was a little too long to post on Instagram).

Later at home, I made the longer version using iMovie that I posted to our Youtube channel.

Dub Loft Creator Space Studio Visit

It was super informative studio visit and really helped me learn how to shoot iPhone videos like a pro.

We’ve already downloaded the dubsuite app on our iPhones and I’m playing around with editing 1-minute videos for our Instagram feed.

In the meantime, I’ll be booking another visit to the Dub Loft creator space. Can’t wait to shoot more video content.

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