Your Social Media Strategy is only as Good as Your Content

Before you post, share or tweet on your business accounts, consider what kind of social media content you’ll be posting and how it supports your marketing.

Every small business and brand should have their own social media strategy. If you’ve got yours crafted and are already seeing bottom line results — you’re ahead of the game.

However, if you are still relatively new to integrating social media into your marketing strategy — this is just a friendly reminder that your social media strategy is only as good as your content.

It’s fine to post fun pics, latte shots and random selfies on your personal accounts, but before you snap, post, tweet or share anything on your business accounts, consider ahead of time, what kind of content you’ll be posting, how it will support your marketing and business goals and the frequency in which you will be posting.

What’s the bottom line? You cannot have a social media strategy without a content strategy. If you are not producing blog posts, videos, podcasts, whitepapers, infographics, images, then you will have nothing to share, post, or tweet about it in order to draw attention to your business.

An easy way to get started with building your content is by starting a blog on your business website. Websites with a blog have up to 434% more indexed pages in search engines. Not only is this great for your search rankings but it’s a relatively low cost way to start producing content in the form of posts, articles, interviews, reviews that you can share across your social channels.

Produce infographics and share them across your social channels. One of the main reasons marketers use infographics is to get links back to their sites. People love looking at infographics, starring at them and sharing them. Create your infographics using easy templates from Venngage. Once created, publish them in your blogs posts, share them on Pinterest and LinkedIn, submit them to platforms like, you can get even more mileage by using your infographic stats in a series of tweetable snippets.

Build your content in a SlideShare presentation. According to and, it has more traffic from business owners than any other major social media platform. Similarly to infographics, SlideShare is a visual platform. You can tell your brand story or share your expertise on a topic using images, fonts, videos in the form of a presentation deck. Once produced, you can share it on all social networks and embed it into a blog article. SlideShare provides ways to one-click your presentation to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. You can even add your presentation to your LinkedIn profile.

Social media is important for your business. But it’s unrealistic to expect big results from your social media efforts if you are not prepared to craft and execute a content strategy to go with it.

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