The Pros and Cons of Wearing Lipstick at Work

Not many of my peers wear makeup to work, never mind lipstick. I decided to do some deep dive analysis on the pros and cons of wearing lipstick at work.

At any given time, I have an assortment of lipsticks, lip glosses and lip pencils directly on my person.

In the small beauty bag I keep in my shoulder bag, I have a lip gloss, a lipstick and a chubby lip pencil.

At work, I keep a lipstick, a mechanical lip pencil and a lip balm stacked on my keyboard.  In my top desk drawer, I have a Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in a dusty mauve colour called Melted Chihuahua.

I have two lipstick cases – both full – in my bathroom at home. I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit of a lipstick hoarder.

In the morning, I top off my beauty routine with a lipstick and throughout the day, I do multiple layers of either above referenced lipsticks or mechanical lip pencils. If there’s one thing I don’t want to live without – it’s lipstick.

Today during lunch, I stopped off at MAC to purchase a brow pencil. Since I was there — why not add another lip pencil to my collection.

This time I decided to try MAC Cosmetic’s new line of Velvetease Lip Pencil is in the colour Aim to Please. I love it!

Mechanical lip pencils have been my thing for a while now. In fact, what better accessory to add to my daily office routine than another nude lippy.

But the purchase made me think about the whole notion of wearing lipstick at work. Not many of my peers wear makeup to work, never mind lipstick. I decided to do some deep dive analysis on the pros and cons of wearing lipstick at work.

The Advantages of Wearing Lipstick at Work

My number one pro is that it makes my face look complete. By complete I mean it makes me look like I’ve done steps 1 – 5 of my makeup routine. When I don’t wear lipstick, I look like I’ve skipped a step. I have face, eyes and cheeks but I don’t have lips. I look incomplete.

Wearing lipstick allows me to look polished. The whole point of me wearing makeup to work is that I want appear to be professional, well-groomed, some might even say sophisticated. I feel like wearing lipstick does that for me, only second to my brows.

Lipstick makes me look better! I suppose that’s the bottom line. I look better when I’m wearing lipstick than when I am not.

The Disadvantages of Wearing Lipstick at Work

There is an investment when it comes to great lipstick. I’m not talking about drug store lipstick. I’m a bit of a lippy snob and will admit that I do not wear drug store lipsticks (unless you count the one Clinque Chubby Lip Pencil that I do enjoy).

I invest in lipsticks from MAC or Sephora. My first foray into overpriced lipsticks was a small tube of Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in the shade Rose. It costs $33.

The lowest I’ve gone is a tube of retro matte lipstick from MAC that costs about $20. So you see, wearing lipstick every day at the office is an investment.

Application is sometimes bothersome. I have to be really strategic with my lipstick-at-work lifestyle. I only use matte lipsticks or alternatively, mechanical or chubby matte lip pencils like Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint.

Lip glosses or any semi-gloss version are more trouble than they’re worth. For the most part, you’d need a mirror to apply them and you’d risk lipstick-on-the-teeth syndrome. It’s best to stick to the matte version, since they are more pigmented meaning the colour will stick to your lips longer or pencils, since you can more than likely colour in your lips without a mirror

Coffee cup smudges. Not matter what game of lipstick you’re sporting, there’s always going to be smudges of lipstick on your coffee cup or water bottle.

This is inescapable. At the very least, I try to sip from the same spot so that I don’t leave multiple around the rim smudges. Before popping my cups into the dishwasher, I do a pre-wash to remove the lipstick as I’ve found dishwasher alone does not do the trick.

The Bottom Line

Up until this year, I didn’t really wear lipstick to work every day. My obsession only slowly built up over time. Prior to me wearing lipstick to work everyday, I always thought doing so would be kind of fussy.

I’d have to reapply throughout the day. What about drinking water and coffee? Plus would I continue wearing the lipstick to the gym after work? It all seemed like a lot of extra work.

But now I can’t make it through the door in the mornings without wearing one — plus bringing three more different brands and colours in my bag in addition to having four more waiting for me at work.

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